Adoption Application

3R Raleigh Rodent Rescue

Adoption Guidelines

Please ensure that you have filled out the adoption application below fully. We cannot respond to you if you do not include your full address and email address. For fastest response, we need complete information for all questions. That includes past pets and where-they-are-now pets’ spay/neuter status, etc. When your application is approved, we will get you in touch with the animal’s foster so you can meet the pet and discuss care and such.

At the time of adoption, a basic contract will be signed and we ask for a monetary donation to our organization to keep our programs going (minimum of $15 (unneutered) and $30 (neutered), with any additional donation greatly appreciated). Please note that our adoption fees do not even come close to covering the cost of operating the rescue and providing care for the animals, and we continue to rely heavily on fund raising events, private donations, and the goodwill of our foster homes to stay up and running.

Why Choose Rescue?

Adopting from rescue takes a little longer than buying an animal at a pet store, but cash-n-carry operations don’t offer the level of commitment to their animals that our foster homes provide. Our animals are well socialized, given the best of vet care, food, and toys for their time with us, get personal care and individual attention, and we always take our animals back should you become unable to care for the animal. Unlike pet stores that make this claim, we will not kill the animal for reptile food or otherwise, sell them to an inappropriate home to turn a profit by breeding them and contributing to the homeless animal problem, or throw the animal back into a tank of animals who are likely to attack this stranger to their colony.

We know every one of our animals personally, including their quirks and health history for as long as we foster the animal. They are each precious individuals with their own name and needs. They aren’t simply a tank full of “Mice: $1 for pet or feeder”. Our animals enjoy life while they’re with us, and you end up with a better, more well-adjusted pet.

We provide you with guidance on proper housing, bedding, feeding, etc.
Thanks for your cooperation and for choosing rescue. We look forward to having you as an adopter!

Raleigh Rodent Rescue is Closing its Doors

For almost 7 years, 3R has been helping rodents find safe, responsible, and knowledgeable homes, helping around 100 animals a year, often more. It’s been a very tough decision, but we are afraid it’s time for 3R to close. Carolina Pet Rescue, our sister organization, has kindly offered a hand, and they will be absorbing 3R. If you see an animal on our site that you are interested in, please contact CPR to fill out an adoption application.