Gerbils do not like to live their lives as a solitary gerbil; they long for for the company of their own kind. In the wild, gerbils will live in groups and we should try and echo this as best we can – two or more gerbils, same sex and from the same litter is perfect.

We should always take real good care of our gerbils, offering the best we possibly can. Spending quality time with your gerbils should be high on your list of priorities, especially if you only have a single gerbil. In situations in which you have a single gerbil, a close relationship could build up between you both, although you would need to spend even more quality time with a single gerbil.

Once your gerbils are tame and handling has become an accepted event and your have developed a trust between yourself and your gerbils, you can also let them run on your body. They will love this and so will you, the enjoyment from seeing your gerbils having a great time playing on you and trusting you is something that we should all have.

Gerbils love climbing and unearthing new things, they love to chew and gnaw, dig and burrow and by and large get into anything that needs to be explored. If your gerbils are able to run free in a room daily, this would be the best part of a gerbil’s day, I’m sure – the room needs to be risk free, no exceptions. If your gerbil is allowed to run free, it’s very important to take care that the room is without risk, gerbils gnaw remember and will chew furniture and cables, wires etc. and will escape if they stumble upon open doors, holes in floor boards and the like. Gerbils could get through the tiniest of holes, so bear all this in mind.

Offering your gerbils an environment with an assortment of opportunities for burrowing, climbing, playing, hiding and gnawing will be readily accepted and happily received – your gerbils will love you for it.

Adding to their cage/tank empty toilet paper and empty kitchen rolls and cardboard egg cartons are inexpensive and on hand in every home. Plenty of litter to burrow down in, nesting to tear up for their bedroom, wooden ladders for climbing and wooden houses for hiding, wooden blocks for gnawing and mazes for brain stimulation. The list is endless and you can alternate toys so that your gerbils do not get bored. Use untreated wooden items, always use safe products, plastic may well be chewed and could be swallowed. A solid based wheel will help with extra exercise and your gerbils will treasure it.

Hiding healthy treats in the litter will help stimulate your gerbils searching instincts, as would placing bits of nesting in different parts of their cage which will be collected up and used accordingly.

Keep your gerbils safe, provide healthy mental and physical stimulation and keep your gerbils happy and contented throughout their short lives.