Happy Adoptees

May 11, 2009

We love Cody our Classroom Hamster!!

I adopted a hamster back in July. He is very much loved by our classroom. Even the other teachers and our custodian like to see him. We go for visits in the morning, and he loves to roll the hallways in his ball, (before the students arrive of course!) When he is back in the room in his ball, the children are very careful of him. They love to give him a pat before he goes back to his home. He loves all of his attention, and has always been very gentle and wonderful around the children. They like to write stories about him. He has a summer “condo” that he spends his vacations. (at my home). He has two levels on a 10 gal aquarium which he enjoys. He gets lots of fresh veggies, and fruit for treats.He likes to have his long hair brushed with a toothbrush! He gets a real ‘spa’ treatment!

He is very loved, and cared for like a prince. He is the most wonderful pet.

Thank you so much for all you do to make these creatures available for adoption. He makes our day!

Best Wishes, 😀


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January 27, 2009

Sudsy loves his new home!

Here is my new hamster Sudsy. Thanks sooo much for the help, Crystal.

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January 17, 2009

Rocky Rocks!

The kids and I have been enjoying Rocky’s company so much! The

youngest and I are always eager to get him out of his cage and he is

very docile and never bites. Of course catching him is another

matter–he views his spacious cage (see picture) as his “range” and he

likes to assert his freedom! Even the surly teenaged daughter can’t

resist but tell anyone listening how cute Rocky is.

Thanks for helping bring Rocky into our lives–he’s great.

From, The Magura Family

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October 15, 2008

Patch and Squeaker are Happy Piggies!

The guinea pigs have adjusted to their new home. Patches has had his named shortened to Patch. Chewy has been renamed several times, but to date Whistle and/or Squeaker are the most frequently used one. My 4yr old keeps renaming him. My sons are enjoying both of them. I hope you enjoy the pictures. And thanks again.

The Morgan Family

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September 26, 2008

Our Happy Adoption Assistance Program Ratties!

Hoping the saying is true, that a picture IS worth a thousand words. Here are 19,000 words then! We’re all busy, all good.

Love, The Sutton Family

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Happy Hamsters Maybelle and Dart

Thank you so much for brightening our lives with these two precious hamsters. WE are so lucky to know you now. Maybelle and Dart had a good first night at our home. The kids are absolutely thrilled.

May 13, 2008

Frizby and Lucy

Thank you both for helping us adopt Brisby/Aria (now Frizby) from Raleigh Rodent Rescue in February. She is a delight! We take pleasure in her activities, and our old Lucy Rat greatly enjoys her companionship. Frizby might be part squirrel, because we find that she frequently removes the largest pellets from her food and hides them in the bedding.