December 19, 2006


Sylvia was a shy girl, but she was SO good for her nail trim and cage cleaning. She was never a biter. When strangers came over, she would run into her tinder box to hide. After about their third or fourth visit, she somehow knew their voice and smell, so she would stay out and lay in her clean bedding while they visited with us. She did not like to cuddle, but she, of course, loved to eat. She would eat only the greenest part of romaine lettuce, only the skin off the cucumbers, only the green bell peppers, not the expensive red ones which were so good for her! Every Sunday night my husband and I go to dinner at my parents house. Dad always makes a salad. Every week, I was to take home a Ziploc bag of cucumber skins for his Grand-pig. We don’t have kids, so our pets are all they get from us so far! Sylvia and Annabelle began fighting soon after we brought them home, so I had to separate them. Their cages were touching and the part which touched and was free of tinder box, water bottle, hanging treat holders was their window to visit. The morning after Sylvia passed, I woke up to no chortling noise. (Sylvia was the loud one, begging as soon as my feet hit the floor!) Annabelle was resting under her sister window, facing her sisters now empty spot. It broke my heart. She sat in my lap for two hours that night, enjoying her ear rub and back rub. She usually only stood the human interaction for about 10 minutes. She was lonely.

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September 05, 2006

We’ll miss you, Simon

Thank you, Elizabeth, for giving Simon a great home. Simon’s brothers will miss him too, I’m sure. We wish you an auspicious rebirth, little guy!

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July 27, 2006

Goodbye Jack

Jack, aka Jackie Chan, was a loving Chinese hamster. Loved by his adoptive family, he succumbed to kidney problems. He was one of our true success stories. He arrived as a biter and left as a cuddly companion. He was always ready to scarf down a meal, take a run in his wheel or offer his silky fur for a back rub. He is survived by his family, Emma, Lisa, and Matt. They only had a short time together, but their friendship will last forever.

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