Safe – Nesting


Not the expensive kind, just 1 or 2 ply toilet paper, plain white, no colours, scent or fancy patterns. Andrex toilet paper for instance would create quite a bit of dust.


Safebed is a good quality paper based nesting, although it does give the impression that it’s made of cloth, it is in actual fact a paper product.



Made from wood pulp making it a far healthier choice of bedding than cedar and pine products and many other litters. Carefresh is one of the better choices of litter and providing a good litter should be made a priority — our beloved pets rely on us to make good choices.
Made from dried wood fibre pulp, dust free and sterile, biodegradable and very economical. Used as horse bedding and an ideal floor litter/bedding for all small pet rodents — my favorite!
Bob Martins paper-based recycled cat litter is ideal to use as a litter for our pet rodents and one of my favourites. It doesn’t give off any kind of strong smell and like it states on the packaging, it is actually dust free and it’s a much healthier alternative to cedar and pine wood shavings.
Aspen shavings is a hard wood and does not cause problems like pine and cedar and is a very good alternative to use — always buy a ‘good quality’ aspen litter.
Bio-Catolet is another paper based cat litter which is a far safer litter to use than shavings.



Bathing sand can be used for the obvious, bathing, or/and for toilet areas. Many rodents love to have a good roll in the sand. It can also be placed in the corner of the cage that your pet uses for his toilet, helps keep down any urine smells.
It is best to purchase bathing sand that has been especially prepared for our pets. Never use builders sand, too sharp — childrens play sand is safe and economical and a good alternative, although may need to be pre-cleaned.
This product may look warm and cosy and with the array of colours it can come in, can look very pretty – it is in general inexpensive too.
It’s hazardous to your pet rodent! Fluffy bedding and cotton wool are extremely fine and stringy and if swallowed can cause tummy blockages, it can become entwined around teeth causing tooth loss and disease, entwined around limbs causing the loss of and possibly disease leading to even more complications and of course distress. It can get stuck in cheek pouches causing abrasions on the flesh that could also lead to disease.
This type of material does not dissolve in water, so if swallowed will not dissolve internally consequently; your pet is at risk from tummy blockages.
Cedar Wood Shavings/Sawdust Cedar litters contain an acid and some cedar litters contain excessive mounts of this acid. Coming into contact with cedar litters also means being exposed to the acid which can cause many problems for our small pets for instance conjunctivitis, breathing problems, skin problems leading to serious illness and even death.
Pine Wood Shavings/Sawdust Pine litters include a resin, which is also used in paint products! Many pine litters give off toxic fumes that can cause breathing difficulty, eye infections and skin problems leading to serious illness and even death.
Some pine litters are safer than other pine litters, the whiter the pine apparently, the safer it is. Kiln dried pine litters (heat treated) are said to be much safer, but I would stay clear of all pine and cedar litters, whether it be shavings or sawdust! Any litter with added scent and/or colour should also be avoided!
Clay Litters/clumping cat litters This type of litter can become stuck to the feet, which would lead to your pet cleaning itself and possibly ingesting some of the litter. Ingesting this type of product can cause internal swelling, leading to the stomach and intestines becoming blocked. Internal blockages are very painful and can lead to death.
Even if there is no blockage it can attach to the lining of the stomach and intestines generating irritation and discomfort, possibly leading to infection and if not dealt with quickly, a painful death. The dust from the litter can also cause problems with the respiratory tract – so leave this type of litter well alone.