Safe Wheels

The Wodent Wheel has been recommended by many people and it seems that our pet rodents love the wheel’s entrance holes & feel more secure because of them. They also avoid the threat of damaged limbs & broken bones, which comes with unsuitable wheels. Although the Wodent Wheel can be provided for many species and will be loved by most of them; please bear in mind; some animals love to chew!
Wodent Wheels can be disassembled for trouble-free cleaning and are constructed of tough, safe plastic with a stable base of heavy-gauge painted steel.

This wheel is a solid based wheel and big enough for mice, dwarf hamsters and small Syrian hamsters. You can buy this type of wheel in most pet stores and shouldn’t cost you too much money.
Observe two cute Campbells dwarf hamsters sharing their wheel and having what I think is a jolly good time. These two cuties are owned by Jane Moore, who obviously loves all her hamsters very much!
The Habitrail Space wheel fits many types of cages, plastic homes, tanks and aquariums — see a very cheeky Syrian hamster taking a rest. This wheel is provided with a suction pad for attaching to glass and plastic.
An attractive wheel for small Syrian hamsters and Mongolian gerbils.
Here is the Habitrail wheel again, this time occupied by a very charming Mongolian gerbil.
This type of wheel is ideal for easy cleaning and one of the quieter wheels.
This is another attractive fun wheel, made of hard plastic. This wheel can be attached to your pets cage or positioned as free- standing.
Notice how two Mongolian gerbils enjoy sharing their wheel.
Here is the rotastack wheel, empty at the moment, hamster taking a well earned rest know doubt! The wheel is attached to one end of the Rotastak “Super Pod”.
A safe wheel, pleasant to look at and nice enough for mice, dwarf hamsters, Mongolian gerbils and small Syrian hamsters — other small rodents would also love this wheel.
Here is the rotastack wheel again, but this time, occupied. See Mochi, a very pretty female Syrian hamster having loads of fun.



This type of wheel is by far the most unsafe of all pet rodent wheels, along with with any other open runged wheel, whether plastic or metal! The open spaces between the rungs is not a surface that any pet rodent in the wild would ever walk on, let alone run on and could very easily miss a step and have a limb fall through and cause pain and suffering to our cuties!
Stick with a solid based wheel, a wheel big enough and safe enough for all our precious rodents!