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Hamster Stories – Hibernation

Pauline tells her story: That reminds me of something that happened to me with a teddy bear hamster I had when I was a kid. My parents had just renovated a garage into a bedroom by knocking a hole into the wall and joining it to the house, and as a result, the poorly insulatedRead More

Happy Adoptees

May 11, 2009 We love Cody our Classroom Hamster!! I adopted a hamster back in July. He is very much loved by our classroom. Even the other teachers and our custodian like to see him. We go for visits in the morning, and he loves to roll the hallways in his ball, (before the studentsRead More


December 19, 2006 Sylvia Sylvia was a shy girl, but she was SO good for her nail trim and cage cleaning. She was never a biter. When strangers came over, she would run into her tinder box to hide. After about their third or fourth visit, she somehow knew their voice and smell, so sheRead More